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Crain 20' CR Construction Series Fiberglass Leveling Rod - Inches (#92032)

Crain’s durable CR Series Leveling Rods are constructed of non-conductive fiberglass and are rectangular in shape with rounded back corners for a better grip. The scale width is graduated to fill the entire face of the rod and the CR’s are equipped with stand-off ribs that protect the scale from wear.

  • Rectangular shape of the leveling rod allows for laser sensor clamps to mount directly to the rod.
  • Measuring scale allows user to read overall height measurements at eye-level, which is useful in making clearance and height measurements.
  • Reliable, unbreakable buttons securely lock sections together.
  • Detectors can attach anywhere along the Crain Rod, even at the top of a section.
  • Unlike aluminum rods, the CR Series is non-conductive, and will not dent, gall, or kink.
  • Scales are glare-resistant and wear protected.
  • CR Series leveling rods are water-proof and corrosion-resistant.
  • Easily removable locking mechanisms make disassembling for cleaning even easier.
  • The locking mechanism is tight and accurate, yet designed to resist jamming from sand and dirt.
  • 5 sections and a 57 3/4" collapsed length
  • Includes Carrying Case

One year warranty on all Crain Series Leveling Rods.

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