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Krylon Quik-Mark Inverted Marking Paint Pallet (36+ cases) - Color: MIX & MATCH

Krylon Industrial QUIK-MARK™



FREE SHIPPING to the continental United States on 36+ cases of paint!

**Applies to Business addresses only, not residential**

Both APWA and Fluorescent colors are available in water based and solvent based formulations. One-coat coverage and our Spray-Thru ™ cap allow for inverted painting ease. Use on concrete, pavement, gravel, grass, brick, asphalt, athletic fields, utility, excavation, ground surveying and construction marking. 

  • 20 oz. cans (17 oz. Net Wt.)
  • High-solids formulation for bold, bright, visible markings
  • Fast-drying formula penetrates and adheres to hot and cold surfaces
  • Convenient Spray-Thru™ cap
  • Non-clogging Spray tip
  • Exceptional fade resistant formula
  • Covers 664 Linear Feet @ 1 mil
  • Solvent Based formula: fast-drying, high-solids formula penetrates and adheres to cold, damp surfaces for long lasting markings that dry in less than 3 mins
  • Water Based formula: fast-drying, high-solids formula penetrates and adheres to hot, dry surfaces for moderate-term markings that dry in less than 10 mins
  • Click here to view the MSDS sheet

INSTRUCTIONS for ordering:

  1. Keep the number in the quantity box at 1
  2. Choose between Water Based or Solvent Based Paint
  3. Choose your Case Quantity (12 cans per case)
  4. Type in the Color (see tabs below for complete list) and Case Quantity you'd like of each color to add up to the total cases you'd like to order - (ie: Orange - 5, Blue - 8, White - 7, Pink - 10), this adds up to 30 cases (360 cans)
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