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Euro Style Mini Prism Pole Systems

This new and improved system is ideal for all handheld prism work, topos or precise layout work.
This system can be assembled in various pole-length configurations.
For the first time ever, this system is available with the most accurate prism offset position; a -17.5-mm offset prism that places the optical center of the prism over the plumb line axis. This offset eliminates angular pointing errors at short sights.
All aluminum parts are anodized red, clear, or blue to maintain machining accuracy.
All sections machined lengths are known (30 cm) , so prism height can easily be calculated.
The built-in 40-min vial on the prism assembly can be moved to top or bottom of the yoke.
The white sight cones provide improved vertical angle pointing.
This system comes with an adapter so that the prism assembly can be used with a standard 5/8 x 11 (male-threaded) prism poles, achieving prism height of 115-mm.
Orange carrying case - made of Cordura® - is included.
Weighs 1.6 lb (0.73 kg)
Price: $233.25
Compare At: $261.95
Euro Style Mini Prism Pole Systems
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