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Sta-Level Tripod Foot System (Snow & Ice)

What is the Sta-Level Foot Used for?
The Sta-Level Foot is used to stabalize a Surveyor Tripod in adverse conditions. In snow it will help stop sinking, on asphalt and ice and mud it will help stop the tripod from slipping. The Sta-Level Foot has points on the bottom of it for slip control.

Is the Sta-Level Foot lightweight and easy to use?
Yes the Sta-Level Foot only weighs 4.7 oz. It has a handy bungee that helps with carrying it, hanging them up on equipment or in a building to store and good for placing the item on the ground exactly where you want it which makes it very easy to use.

Where does the tripod leg go on the Sta-Level Foot?
Place the Sta-Level Foot on the ground aproximately where you would like to place your tripod. Place the tripod legs in the middle hole in the Sta-Level Foot. It is as easy as that.

Is Sta-Level Foot going to last?
The Sta-Level Foot has been weight tested. To test it yourself, put your tripod on the Sta-Level Foot and stand on tripod leg (this test is to be done at your own risk and at your own equipment risk). The Sta-Level Foot will withstand the weight.

What is the bungee used for?
The bungee is used to carry, hang or place the Sta-Level Foot where you want it.

How do I attach the bungee if it detaches from the Sta-Level Foot?
Place the end with a circle cut out in the middle on the left knob side of the Sta-Level Foot and press until the knob goes into the bungee circle. Attach the right side by pressing between the 2 end beads onto the right side notch.

Why should I use the Sta-Level Foot?
Since you never know what kind of a weather situation you will be in from day to day the Sta-Level Foot is a great product to always have with you on every survey job.

Manufacturer Part Number: 79000003
Stock # 79000003
Price: $64.95
Sta-Level Tripod Foot System (Snow & Ice)
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Sta-Level foot with Tripod Point

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