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Seco Sliding Mini Prism Assembly (#5910-0XM)

These prism holders allow ‘non-zero’ prism offsets to ‘slide’ and are available in -17.5 mm or -30 mm offsets.
They come equipped with a 25 mm silver coated mini prism and height scales built into the holder frames.
They have a sliding range of 0.50 ft (15 cm).
The mini prism assembly can be removed and used normally.
Three 1.00 ft (30 cm) extensions and one 0.50 ft (15 cm) extension are included.
They feature stainless steel points and 20 minute adjustable circular vials.
The #5910-07 and #5910-08 are precision machined from aluminum and stainless steel parts.
A 5/8 x 11 adapter (for use with tribrachs or poles) and a system Bag is included.
Weighs 3.00 lb (1.4 kg)
Manufacturer Part Number: 5910-0XM
Stock # 5910-0XM
Price: $339.75
Compare At: $391.95
Seco Sliding Mini Prism Assembly (#5910-0XM)
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Seco Sliding Mini Prism Assembly (#5910-07)


Part Number:
-17.5 mm (shown)
-17.5 mm
-30 mm
-30 mm

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