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Seco Heavy-Duty GNSS Antenna Tripod (#5119-10)

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Manufacturer Part Number: 5119-10-
Stock # 5119-10-
Price: $749.95
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Seco Heavy-Duty GNSS Antenna Tripod (#5119-10)
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Seco Heavy-Duty GNSS Antenna Tripod (#5119-10)
5119-10 GPS Tripod headThe 5119-10-XXX is similar to the popular SECO 5119-00-XXX, but stronger.  This heavy-duty tripod features a beefier 6-inch-diameter, round head which easily holds lasers or robots, heavy duty hinges and legs.  The adjustable center pole adjusts to three heights: 2 m, 1.8 m, and 1.5 m and each position is secured not only with a locking pin but also with a twist knob to ensure no slippage will occur!
It’s larger telescoping legs (1.25- to 1.50-inch diameters) feature adjustable handle bolts on the leg pivots which creates greater stability.  And, no tools are needed to set the leg pivot tension!
This top of the line tripod is suitable for GNSS and machine-control applications.

Make sure your heavy-duty SECO GNSS Tripod is protected in this extra-tough Tripod Bag! (#8154-12-ORG)

This bag features heavy-duty Cordura® material and Rhinotek® end pieces for superior strength and longevity.  It includes a shoulder strap.

Measures: 8 inch ID x 56 inches

Weighs 1.8lb (0.82kg)

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