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Keson 2 1/2" Metal Professional Solid Wheel (#MP201)

Strong, rigid, 1-piece steel handle — strongest in the industry. Without a collapsing point in the handle, there is no weak point on this frame. This solid wheel is two inches wide, giving it better traction on sand, loose gravel and wet ground; a favorite among landscapers.

There are advantages to solid wheels. A sliding tool box or a shovel in the back of a truck has destroyed the precision of many a spoked wheel. Solid plastic wheels are not nearly as susceptible to these impacts. Also, solid Keson wheels do not go “out of round.” You cannot bend them or flatten a portion of them. Lastly, twigs, sticks, tall grasses and other brush do not get caught up in the spokes or lock these wheels up. If your job takes you through fields or trails, consider a solid wheel option.


  • No spokes to catch grass or sticks.
  • No spokes to bend or snap.
  • Solid molded wheels do not bend or go “out of round.”

UNITS - ft.



Manufacturer Part Number: MP201
Stock # MP201
UPC: 008315
Price: $69.95
Compare At: $89.28
Keson 2 1/2" Metal Professional Solid Wheel (#MP201)
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Keson Metal Professional Measuring Wheel (#MP201)

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